My story


So, everyone has a story, here’s a small part of mine.

I am a woman of faith.

I love God. Sometimes we wrestle and I can’t seem to find my bearings, but I do love having a relationship with Him. My faith is not something I impose on others – it’s just such a part of who I am.

I am devoted to family.

I am a wife, mother and daughter. My desire has always been to leave a legacy. To take the life I was given and somehow, transform it into something good. Developing and growing in ways which I hope can then be shared with those I love the most – my family. I am far from perfect in this and the mistakes that I’ve made stare me full in the face.

I am an artist.

Creative energy has flown through my mind and my heart for as long as I remember. I was writing in journals long before blogging was a thing. I am a photographer, seeing the world through a different perspective. The camera just allows my vision to become more clear.

Finally, I am sick.

I have battled many physical things through the years, some rather serious, others not so. Just the same, it seems to be my “thorn in the flesh,” literally. I never was sick growing up, but it happens, it’s life. We each are dealt circumstances to deal with, and mine just happen to come upon me in a physical way, keeping me dependent on others, and on God, rather than myself.

Hence, I come full circle.

Whom I desire the most, God, is who upholds me.  Am I always faithful? Absolutely not! Yet my desires remain the same, to be a woman of God in His presence, to be devoted to my family and leave a legacy for the generations that follow me.

That’s a bit of my story, care to share yours?

Originally posted here. 

To read more about my health situation, visit here.

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