Make Your Music

iStock_000004832160Large Here I am.

In the quiet of the day, the notes rise and fall with the beating of my heart. I hear your voice in the strings as they stretch, in the keys as they explore and in the notes that flow from the brass horns. Orchestrating a symphony in my heart is the One who created music Himself. Your love, oh God, expands with each breathe, Your love, oh God, rewrites beauty from the fallen notes of our daily lives. Your love, oh God, whispers to our souls, composing beauty from the brokenness, inviting us into your holy throne room, “come.”


Come to my presence. Sit at my feet. Do not fear. Do not  fear, for I AM here with you. I AM. Fear will stop you. Fear will blind you. Fear may enrage you. Dear One, the melody I am composing for you – is not for you to hear. I only ask you to waltz through your life with me, following the notes that I compose upon your heart, leading you, guiding you, safely – to me.


Beloved child, find beauty in your sadness. Rejoice with me. For I AM your Mighty God and I know what I have planned for you. Trust me. Know that I AM yours, as you my child are mine.  Let us live in the movement of music, reverberating through the pages of time. Let us make melody in our hearts with the Holy One. Daughter, Son – chosen one.

You were made for moments like this.

When all you have tried, all you have done, all you sought – was to be my child. Lay yourself at my feet. You struggle, you question, you pause and wonder how I could love your wonderful soul. When, oh child, will you finally believe?


What will it take to clean out all the crevices of your heart and find my name written on your walls? My name my child. My name defines you. My name upholds you. My name heals you. My name. I AM.

Whom is on the throne of your heart? How can you love all of me my child, when you refrain from offering up every part of you? Can you hear my voice echoing, bouncing off the shadowed walls – the dark, hard places where worry tracks familiar worn paths deep within your heart? I want to write my name Dear One, oh it will hurt my child, but my name heals. Jesus says in John 14:6, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” My friend, Jesus, is the way.  


What must I do to gain your complete attention? “No one can serve two masters. If you try, you will wind up loving the first master and hating the second, or vice versa.” Matthew 6:24.  I want your full attention, your devotion, your heart. How can I love you so passionately Dear One, when you won’t let me in by fully opening your heart? I AM.


God’s love for you is real, is present, is true, is holy, is now. Now. NOW. He’s been composing and orchestrating deep works of art in your life, creating and recreating you since the moment He spoke you to life. Life! Your love, oh God, is more than we will ever know.

How beautiful are the works of your Almighty Hands, oh Master Composer, the great I AM. Because You are oh LORD, I can.


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