My story, just a bit

So, everyone has a story, here’s a small part of mine. If there is one thing that helps define who I am or what’s important to me, it’s this truth.

I am a woman of faith.

I yearn, strive and live desiring a relationship with Him. It’s not something I impose on others, however, it’s just such a part of who I am. I have found as I grow closer to God, my life becomes so much more real and open. I am safe.

I am devoted to family.

I am a wife, mother and daughter. If I could sum up my purpose it would be to leave a legacy. To develop, provide and grow in ways so that I can share it with those I love the most. Am I perfect in this? By no means, far from it! This truth is deep within my being.

Finally, I have come to accept this truth recently, I am sick.

I have battled many physical things through the years, some rather serious, others not so. Just the same, it seems to be my “thorn in the flesh,” literally. I never was sick, especially growing up athletic and involved in sports and fun activiites. But it happens, it’s life. We each are dealt circumstances to deal with, and mine just happen to come upon me in a physical way, keeping me dependent on others, and on God, rather than myself.

Hence, I come full circle.

Whom I desire the most, God, is who upholds me. Am I always faithful? Absolutely not!

Yet my desires remain the same, to be a woman of God in His presence, to be devoted to my family and leave a legacy for the generations that follow me.

That’s a bit of my story, care to share yours?

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