5 Minute Friday ~ Broken

As I was writing my Five Minute Friday post tonight I realized I had one I never published from weeks ago.

Why not?

So, it’s not technically this particular Friday anymore.


Broken, it’s who I am, and who I am have become. Broken in that one word I know, it’s why I need.


I can’t think of a time when anything felt right. Things were okay and fixed. That these everyday moments felt alive and whole. Underlying there’s this ongoing sense of brokenness.

And then I remember.

It’s really NOT who I am. That’s just the lie I have believed all these years. I am not broken. You are not broken. We are in need.

In need of a Saviour, in need of some hope. In need of forgiveness and in need of grace untold.

Shattered pieces of my life are scattered about like pieces of a puzzle. Looking for ways to regain control and put them back together.

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