Our words. Those small, little things which are so powerful. In a matter of moments we can build up or tear down. We can encourage the precious lives around us and build them up with words of hope. Or, like darts we throw at the hearts of those we love, we sharpen our tongues to spew out the darkest parts within us. With just one utterance, words effect our relationships and therefore our very lives.


We try to chose the right ones. Pull the dictionary off the shelf. We scramble to find the exact way to express what’s in our hearts. To form words and wrap them around thoughts and feelings rambling around within. How delicate the power of our words.

Deep down, we know that, don’t we?

Yet we find ourselves. Full of questions, of doubt and of pain. For we know things aren’t supposed to be this way, are they? The waves come crashing into your world, turning all you know into something unrecognizable. Here we are – facing another mountain to climb, another trial, another health crisis,  another broken relationship, another moment where we have the opportunity to choose.

Choose. Our words.

“Don’t let even one rotten word seep out of your mouths. Instead, offer only fresh words that build others up when they need it most. That way your good words will communicate grace to those who hear them.” Ephesians 4:29 (The Voice)

Our words can communicate grace.  Spoken offerings which flow into the recipients heart. Fresh words that build them up. The very words we speak and the way we speak them, usher grace into the recesses and dark crevices of the hearts of those we love.

How powerful are our words! Do we sometimes let rotten words seep out? Definitely. Choose to use your words for truth, for rebuilding, for filling – for grace. Those mountains will come, of that we have no doubt. When the feelings surge within you, brimming to the surface –

Choose your words.

4 Replies to “Words…”

  1. For someone like me, whose passion is expressed in words, who loves to read words, whose job involves so many words, a rotten word can so easily slip out with the rest of the tumble, and we hope it’s drowned out by the accompanying flood. Contrary to that desire, a careless word rises to the surface and finds a heart more quickly and often more deeply than a word of grace. This is a good reminder, my sweet friend. Thank you.

    1. We do hope to have our encouraging, good, edifying words flood out the rotten thoughts expressed. It’s perhaps healthy for us to pause and re-chart our course from the overflow of our mouths, so when the floods rise, we are truly washed with the living water.

      “Contrary to that desire, a careless word rises to the surface and finds a heart more quickly and often more deeply than a word of grace.” So well put my friend. That one word may in essence drown out all the other ones spoken, regardless of their intent.

      Thank you for walking this road with me, truly iron sharpening iron.

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