5 Minute Friday ~ Write



I learned this about myself, I like to write. Do I consider myself a writer? No. But oh how I love to ponder the thoughts that flow through my mind and the heart of myself, but also my God.

That’s why I write.

I write to make sense, discern, decipher and meditate on who I am in light of who He is. To unravel His mysteries and in doing so, claim my own heritage. To walk in who I am, and who I was created to be from the very beginning.

When I write, I am finding my voice.

Not your voice, or the wives voice, or the daughter’s voice, the sister’s voice. My voice. This place deep inside of me opens up and words tumble out. Like the pen flowing across the page, the ink staining my hands are the imprints of words upon my heart. They tug, the dig, the uncover and they teach.

Oh how they teach me. About… me.

That’s the wonderful thing about writing, you tell a story or you uncover one as you go. I don’t mind grabbing ahold of the pen, as He writes my story.

I hold the pen, He writes. I yield, and peace reigns.

This post is part of Five Minute Friday’s, a five minute weekly reflection on a word prompt. No edits, no do overs, just write.  “No extreme editing; no worrying about perfect grammar, font, or punctuation. Unscripted. Unedited. Real.”

22 Replies to “5 Minute Friday ~ Write”

  1. Yes !!!! You have beautifully worded the whole reason I write even when I don’t feel like I am a writer. I just feel like I have to “put pen to paper” or fingers to keyboard just to sort out my own thoughts. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1. What wonderful words to hear! Thank you Karrilee, I am speechless. I appreciate your encouragement so. My heart is after His voice, His ways and uncovering who He made me to be. I am truly learning to stand, thank you!

  2. I hear you … I don’t consider myself a writer. But journal and blog I do … simply as an expression, an extension of who I am in this season. And life has never been the same since I began …

  3. “When I write, I am finding my voice.” Yes. And your voice is important and needed in this community…keep sharing your heart, friend! 🙂

    1. Mel, thank you so much for your encouragement. Isn’t using the voice the Lord gave us part of our ministry for Him? Thanks for the welcome to this community!

  4. oh how I resonate with this. I like your pulling out of YOUR voice,not the voices around you. yes, this is why I write also. Sometimes though I get stuck in ‘do I have something to say’ or ‘should I share’ but I like what your second paragraph says…why you write, what you are learning…i love that. ‘I write to…’ is what I need to remember. Thank you!

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