My Performance


Confession time.

I’ve spent most of my life measuring out ways in which I can find my place into God’s graces. I’ve sought Him out for relief, for hope, for answers, for direction – for so many things. But there is nothing, just nothing, I can ever do, to place one more note on the scale in His score. No matter how hard I try, or what I do, my place in the symphony of saints is secure. Because I am His.


Sometimes, if you are like me, you might fall into this trap. We strive to perform. We search to find moments where we will be good “enough”, strong “enough” or faithful “enough”. We search and scour our thinking, contemplating “if we only had ______” that note might finally land on the page of the Great Composer.

Until I accept He is enough, I will lie to myself into thinking that God’s majestic symphony will somehow exclude me. God conducts a marvelous tune and I must yield to Him and dance along. Sometimes I shout out in a chorus of praise and song and sometimes I just close my eyes and listen to the music He’s orchestrating.

God’s love is not dependent on my performance.

Or yours.

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